Precision Apiculture Supported by Space Technologies (acronym: PASST) is a mobile application that enables the implementation of precise apiaries management based on the latest satellite technologies and geolocation in connection with close cooperation with agricultural producers. Using the latest satellite imagery, it will be possible to identify the best bee pastures and flowering periods which will allow for precise placement of bee colonies at their destination and their constant monitoring. The functionalities of the proposed mobile application will help to protect bee families and facilitate the application of good ecological practices in agriculture.

How It Works?

The modern development of agriculture is closely related to the widely used plant protection products, which often adversely affect the health of bee colonies. To achieve a satisfactory yield, farmers use up to 15-16 different sprays during the vegetation season. According to reports from international, national and local beekeeping associations, it is common for farmers / fruit farmers to not comply with plant protection rules that are safe for bees. 

Incorrectly performed chemical plant protection treatments, especially when using insecticides, carry an extremely high risk for bees and other pollinators. In order to effectively achieve the pollinators protection goal, beekeepers and farmers should be supported by a multifunctional interactive platform (e.g. a mobile application for smartphone/tablet devices and a website) that will enable and support precise and safe beekeeping in accordance with sustainable agriculture based on currently available satellite technologies and geo-database.

PASST is addressing to solve the problem of pollinators protection, especially honey bees, by providing a mobile application that allows for precision apiculture supported by space technologies. The emphasis in PASST is on the use of practices that take the regional conditions into account and require locally adapted systems, organic and biological methods to protect pollinators and to facilitate agriculture that respects nature. 

Our project is aimed at people who own and manage apiaries, as well as farmers who are aware of the role of bee pollinators in conducting ecological and sustainable agriculture. Direct communication and cooperation with farmers will increase awareness of the correct use of plant protection products. 


Protection against intoxication of pollinators, especially honey bees
Promotion of precision apiculture by maximization of the productivity of bees
Increase awareness of importance of pollinators among farmers (larger crop through more effective plant pollination).

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